Lunch Buffet $10.50
    Saturday & Sunday Brunch Buffet $13.99
* Vegan Item  | ◊ Gluten Free 
         We use Halal Meat      Brown Rice is available up on request 99¢

Soup $4 & Salad

Tomato Soup

Fresh Tomato blended with tangy flavor & spices

Hot & Sour Soup*◊

Mushrooms, Carrot, Cabbage, touch of Soya Sauce 

Lentil Soup*◊

Blend of Lentil, Ginger, Garlic & Lemon


Spice Palace Salad $6.99◊

Chicken Tikka on bed of greens

Green Salad $4*◊

Romaine, Tomato & Cucumber

Cucumber Salad $4*◊

Cucumber, Tomato, Onions tossed with Indian Masala

Appetizer May choose


Vegetable Platter $9.99 *
Samosa, Paneer Pakora, Vegetable Pakora & Chili

Paneer Shashlik $15 ◊ (Tofu $8*◊)
Indian cheese & fresh vegetables Punjabi style

Chilly Paneer  $14* (Tofu $8*◊)
Indian cheese sautéed with Indo Asian sauce

Samosa $6 *  Samosa Chat $7
Crispy turnover filled with potatoes & peas
Chat – Topped with yogurt, mint & tamarind chutney

 Manchurian OR 65 Style $7 * May choose
Gobi $7*  Tofu $7*◊   Paneer $14◊

sautéed with onion, peppers, soy & chili sauce
OR 65 South Indian style sauce

Mirchi Bajji $5.99 *◊  
Fresh Green Chilis dipped in Gram Flour & fried 

Mixed Vegetables Pakoda $7 *◊
Crispy assorted vegetables dipped in gram flour & fried

Papdi Chat $4.50
Crispy turnover topped with yogurt, tamarind &
mint chutney (cold)

Paani Puri $5.50 *◊
Traditional Street side Chat - Fried Puffed dough with vegetables filler & tangy spicy & sweet sauce (cold)

Masala Papad $4.50 *◊ May choose
Baked Papad topped with onions, potato, tomato & spices  

Aloo Tiki $5 *◊   Aloo Tiki Chat $6 ◊
Potato, Peas & spices patties & deep fried
Chat –topped with yogurt, mint & tamarind chutney

Non Vegetarian

Chili Chicken $8 ◊
Seasoned chicken sautéed with peppers & Onions

Chicken Malai Kabab $8◊
White Meat marinated & baked with light spices 

Meat Samosa $7.50
Crispy turnover filled with minced Lamb, potato &peas
Served with mint & sweet chutney

Gyro Roll $9.99
Your choice of Protein Rolled in Butter Naan with
Lettuce, Onion, Cheese & Mint Chutney
(Chicken Tikka or Shekh Kabab & Lamb Tikka – add $2)

Chicken Seekh Kabab $9◊
Seasoned minced Chicken sausage style

Chicken Wings $9 ◊
Chicken wings marinated 
baked in Clay Oven & seasoned with Spice Palace sauce

Tandoori Chicken $9◊
Chicken marinated in spices with yogurt 
& slow cooked in Clay Oven

Chicken 65 $8.50   Chicken Pakoda $8
Breaded Chicken with South Indian spices & deep fried

Fish & Shrimp Tandoori $17◊
Salmon & Shrimp Lightly marinated with spices

Chicken Manchurian $8.50◊
Crispy chicken sautéed with peppers, onion & chili sauce

Chicken Momo $9
Nepali Delicacy steamed dumplings

Boti Kabab $16 ◊
Marinated Lamb & baked in Clay oven
18% Service charge will be added to parties of 6 or more | Speak to us for Nut Allergies  


Masala Dosa  

Crispy Crape made with lentils & rice       
 Served  with Spiced Potatoes, Sambar & Coconut chutney

Idli & Vada Platter

Rice & Lentils Steamed Dumpling
Served with Sambar & Coconut chutney    
Mild being the lowest still has a bite to it due to several spices used

Spice Palace Specialty

Spice Palace Lettuce Wrap $13 ◊
Seasoned Chicken Tikka with blend of spices served with crisp lettuce & Spice Palace Sauce

Mixed Kabab Grill – $18◊
A unique combination of Prawns, Fish, Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Tikka, Chicken Seekh Kabab. 
All Slow cooked in tandoor and served with sauce

Seafood Kabab $19.95◊
White Fish, Prawns, and Scallops lightly marinated and cooked in tandoor 
served with sauce

Specialty Entree

Vegan OR Vegetarian Thali $16.95* (GF except Naan & Samosa)
Platter with Vegetable Samosa, assorted Vegetable curry, Sambar, Chef choice of Vegetables,
Plain rice, Roti OR Butter Naan, Cucumber salad & dessert served with Hot mint black tea

Non Vegetarian Thali $18.95 (GF except Naan & Samosa)
Platter with Lamb Samosa, Chicken Tikka masala, Tandoori Chicken, Dal Makhani, Rice, Butter
 Naan, Cucumber Salad & dessert served with Hot mint black tea

Vegetarian Entrée

Served with White Rice or Brown Rice ($0.99)

Sambar  *◊ $13
South Indian dish cooked with lentils, assorted vegetables & spices
PS – Drum Sticks are one of the vegetable used which is very healthy BUT do not swallow after sucking the juice

Vegetable Curry *◊ $13
Mixed Vegetables cooked with fresh coconut, ginger, garlic & cilantro

Paneer Tikka Masala◊ $15       Paneer Makhani $15 ◊
Homemade Indian cheese cooked in creamy tomato sauce

Bhindi Masala *◊ $14
Fresh Okra seasoned with Indian spices and cooked with onions and peppers

Aloo Gobi & Capsicum Masala *◊ $13
Fresh cauliflower and potatoes cooked with onions and tomatoes with seasonings

Palak Paneer ◊ $15
Homemade Indian cheese cooked with spinach & mild spices

Navartan Korma ◊ $14  (served with nuts but we can hold it on request)
Fresh garden vegetables cooked with nuts, creamy sauce & mild spices

Malai Kofta ◊ $14   (served with nuts but we can hold it on request)
Combination of Fresh Vegetables & Paneer with mild creamy sauce

Baingan Bartha *◊ $14
Eggplant baked to tenderness, mashed & cooked with herbs & spices

Aloo Baingan *◊ $14
Eggplant baked to tenderness & sautéed with baked potatoes, herbs & spices

Chana Masala *◊ $13
Chickpeas cooked with onions, herbs & spices

Eggplant Curry *◊ $14
Roasted tender eggplant cooked with herbs & spices

Dal Tadka *◊ $13                      Dal Makhani ◊ $14
                 (Yellow Lentils)      (Combination of Lentils with Ghee)
Combination of yellow Lentils seasoned with fried spices & herbs

Mango Veg Curry*◊ $14                     Mango Madras Curry *◊ $14
          (Topped with Mango Pulp)     (South Indian Style Topped with Coconut)
Slow cooked combination of Lentils with butter, ginger, garlic & spices

Non Vegetarian

Served with White Rice or Brown Rice ($0.99)

Chicken $15.50    Shrimp $19    Lamb $18    Goat $18  Salmon $18

Tikka Masala◊ (with nuts but we can hold it on request)
Cooked in tandoor then mixed in our special creamy tomato sauce

Marinated in wine & garlic and cooked with vinegar, red chili peppers & ginger

Cooked in a traditional rich brown onion gravy

Butter Masala◊ (served with nuts but we can hold it on request)
Cooked lightly with our special butter sauce combined with a touch of onions and tomato sauce

Korma◊ (served with nuts but we can hold it on request)
Cooked in creamy almond spiced sauce

Cooked with bell peppers, carrots & Onions

Madras Curry◊
Cooked with Coconut, curry leaves, red chili & spices

Barbequed meat cooked fresh spinach, ginger, garlic & tomato

Mango Curry◊
Cooked in mango flavored gravy

Bhuna ◊
Browned stew with vegetables, spices & Red Wine

Boti Kabab Curry $18.50◊
Marinated & grilled in clay over & cooked with fresh spices

Rogan Josh $18.50◊
Marinated Lamb cooked in fresh herbs& spices

Seafood Shaadi $18.50◊
Salmon, Prawn & Scallops cooked with red chili, ginger, garlic, turmeric powder & more

Fried Rice

Pan fried Basmati rice with Indo Chinese fusion style WITH EGG (except Veg Fried Rice)
Vegetable $14*◊  |  Chicken $15◊  |  Shrimp $18◊  |  Chicken & Shrimp $19

 Biryani Corner

(served with nuts but we can hold it on request)

Basmati rice cooked with onion, ginger, garlic, red chili powder, yogurt gravy with spices
Vegetables - $14 ◊ | Chicken - $15 ◊ | Shrimp - $18 ◊ | Lamb - $18 ◊ | Goat $18 ◊ (with bone-in)

Tandoori Bread

Naan – White flour Bread                         Kulcha – Stuffed Flour Bread
Whole Wheat Roti - Traditional whole wheat baked bread $3*      Butter Roti $3.50
Plain Naan - $2.75 | Butter Naan $3 | Garlic Naan $4 | Onion Naan $4
Stuffed Aloo (Potato) Naan $4.50 | Spinach Naan $4.50 | Cheese Naan $4.50
Paneer Naan $5 | Onion Naan $4.50
Kashmiri Naan $5 – stuffed with dry fruits, coconut, nuts & cherries
Bullet Naan & Bullet Garlic Naan – Stuffed with spicy chili & butter $4 & $4.50

Bread Basket $8.50

Your choice of 3 - Roti, Plain Naan, Butter Naan, Garlic Naan OR Any Kulcha

Kids Menu $8.95

Chicken Tenders, Fries, Fruit  & a drink                     Grilled Cheese, Fries, Fruit  & a drink


Gulab Jamun – Homemade Golden fried cheese balls soaked in sugar syrup $3.50 ◊
Kulfi – Homemade Indian ice cream $3.50 (Mango, Pistachios, Almond or Traditional)

Topped with Cashew Nuts  (May request to hold off on the Cashew Nuts)
Rasmali –Milky dough soaked in creamy milk ◊ $4.50
Carrot Halva – Homemade Slow cooked shredded carrots with sugar, butter & raisins $3.50 ◊
Rice Pudding – Homemade Slow cooked rice in milk, sugar, coconut, raisins & cardamom $3.50 ◊


Coke Product $2.50                                           Bru Coffee $3
Sweet Lassi $3.95 – Blend of yogurt & sugar          Mango Lassi $3.95      
Mint Black Hot Tea $2.50    Masala Chai $3       Perrier Water $3

Bottled Beer

Taj Mahal / Flying Horse – 22oz - $9 

Michelob Ultra/ Miller Light/ Bud Lt/ Corona/Heineken - $5


Glass $7        Bottle $22
Chardonnay     Pinot Grigio     Cabernet     Moscato     Pinot Noir  Merlot

Liquor $8

Our Signature Drink Mango Martini with Grey Goose
Johnnie Walker($10) |  Bacardi Rum | Tangueray | Jack Daniel
|  Crown Royal | Spiced Rum | Grey Goose | Absolute | Jim Beam


♦ Consuming raw or undercooked meat or seafood poses a risk of food borne illness